Monday, 24 March 2014

City 2 Surf

                          Homework Challenge
                                    E7- City 2 

On Sunday the 23rd March I took part in the city2surf, I did it with my friend  Grace and our mums.  We did the 6km race I have never done it before.  My little brother walked with my Nana and Grandad.    I wanted to make sure that we finished before them.
This is me and Grace at the start 

It was fun walking with all the other people, One man was dressed in a dinosaur outfit which made Grace and I laugh.  We also saw some army men running with heavy weights on them.      There was a drink station at half way, so I grabbed a water.   During the race I saw Caitlyn and Lauren we all ran the last 1km together and finished all together.

This is Grace and I after the race with our certificates.

I really enjoyed the city2surf but next year I would like to do the 14km and run it

By Olivia :) 

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