Thursday, 29 May 2014

WALT: Write a recount

                                                     Stan Walker's concert 

Today's the day, I jumped out of  bed and said to myself  " I'm going to Stan Walker's concert". Mum told me to be quiet. I sad "NO". 

Later on that day we went out about 8:30pm to pick up Nan then went to the CBS Canterbury arena.
When we got inside and got a drink, I got nothing, well I got a water. When we sat down i saw a big crowd of people. "MUM its Moor House!" can I get a photo? Mum said  fi" YES. Come on mum, we have to get back to our seats." after we got the photo it was 9:00 PM, time for it a to began. We got two little surprises Whenua Patuwai and Cassie Henderson.

Well ,this concert was different to what I have heard. Stan Walker said that he heard of a girl that was getting bullied on the Internet so he made a song about bullies. I LOVED to night. By the time it was finished it was nearly midnight. When I got home I said to myself I have school tomorrow oh no.

When we had seen the concert and it was finished I saw the boys from  Moor house and got a photo taken again but it was worth it because I LOVE Moor house. When we did the photo they did the poat and after they gave me a hug. It was the "best day ever" but I wish it was Stan Wakker who gave me the photo. 
                                                            By Olivia 
  My next step is to:  elaborate my ides.

Monday, 26 May 2014

Homework Challenge C4

I did the 40 hour famine it was great fun I did 40 hours of no teachnoloy  I got 11 sponsors and ended up raising 129 dollars her are some photos of me with no teachnoloy.

    This is me and my brother jack drawing 

    This is me reading a book  "one hour tile my iPad" 

We did the 40 hour famine for the people of Malawi. The people over their don't have the food they need to eat this is what it looks like 

15 Million people in Malawi and 4.5 million in New Zealand and that is why I did the 40 hour famine.
I hope you have learnt something thanks for reading. 

                                                   By Olivia 

Friday, 16 May 2014