Thursday, 29 May 2014

WALT: Write a recount

                                                     Stan Walker's concert 

Today's the day, I jumped out of  bed and said to myself  " I'm going to Stan Walker's concert". Mum told me to be quiet. I sad "NO". 

Later on that day we went out about 8:30pm to pick up Nan then went to the CBS Canterbury arena.
When we got inside and got a drink, I got nothing, well I got a water. When we sat down i saw a big crowd of people. "MUM its Moor House!" can I get a photo? Mum said  fi" YES. Come on mum, we have to get back to our seats." after we got the photo it was 9:00 PM, time for it a to began. We got two little surprises Whenua Patuwai and Cassie Henderson.

Well ,this concert was different to what I have heard. Stan Walker said that he heard of a girl that was getting bullied on the Internet so he made a song about bullies. I LOVED to night. By the time it was finished it was nearly midnight. When I got home I said to myself I have school tomorrow oh no.

When we had seen the concert and it was finished I saw the boys from  Moor house and got a photo taken again but it was worth it because I LOVE Moor house. When we did the photo they did the poat and after they gave me a hug. It was the "best day ever" but I wish it was Stan Wakker who gave me the photo. 
                                                            By Olivia 
  My next step is to:  elaborate my ides.

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