Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Making choices

WALT: identify what goes In a good information report 
WALT: Use linking sentences to join our paragraphs 
Choices are much more difficult then people think Friends,Family,Role models and media are just some of the things that influences our choices 

Family are one of the influences on the choices we make. They influence our choices because if you get asked to go some and you have a family day out planned you won't be able to go to their house. For example I get asked to go to my friends house to watch a movie but we have to go away to the Hospital to see my nana so you have to say no. Because your family has influenced you.Family are not the only influence friends are an influence too. Friends influence you because they might be smoking and they say to you HEY ! Do you want a smoke.You should say no and walk away.But if you say yes you might get caught.So u don't want to smoke like they do.If you do what they do you may get really big consequences you might even get cancer. Role models like Stan Walker might smoke would you well I wouldn't even though He is my role models but if he made a good choice like not smoking he would be a good role model then I would do what he dose from now on.So do what your role models do( if they are good ones) Media influences us because they tell us things that might not be true because they could get the wrong information and you might end up doing the wrong thing. Make sure you're listening really well because they might or might not say something true.

There are a lot more influences Family,friends,role models and meida are just some of the influences.So the choice is yours 

My next step is to get one or two more paragraphs 

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