Monday, 30 June 2014

My writing

WALT: write an explanation

Do you trust well known businesses well Ergobaby is one of the companies that have been effected by someone breaking the Consumer guarantees act. We have the Consumer Guarantees Act because it helps consumers by not getting ripped off. It helps the people a lot because when someone gets something faulty they  use the Consumers Guarantees act. The carrier was not fit for the process because the buckle was only going to hold a little bit of weight the baby would be in danger. For example they might fall out maybe even get hurt last but not least die. She has the right to send
it back because it was faulty. The lady has been tricked she has been lied to badly and she won't be happy about it. The Consumers Guarantees Acts  that was broken is that the Consumers have the right to expect that the good they purchase  will be safe to use. Also Consumers have the Right to expect not to be mislead or deceived (tricked or lied to) about the goods or services they are buying when you are buying anything make sure its the real one not the fake.

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