Monday, 22 September 2014

Animals should not be used for research

WALT: write a persuasive argument

You may think that animals are living their life happily andundisturbed but some are really getting used for medical research Which is not fair because they heave a life too and people are putting our animals lives in danger. I don't think it's ok because some animals are dieing like primates,cats,dogs,rabbits,rats.mice,pigs,frogs,girbls,ginypigs,hamsters,farmed animals and birds. Also some people do animal testing for a living. Would you like to be used for testing? Well,some people think that animals don't experience pain or suffering as humans do. This idea traces back at least to the 17th century when French philopher Rene' Descartes who disagrees and argued. That animals lack the thoughts and feelings that people have Which is not fair because I think that they have a lot of feelings and that he was wrong. I think that he should have been talked to about why he was thinking that. You maybe asking you self why do animals have to be used instead of humans? We'll this will hopefully answer it. Animals are used in research when there is a need to find to find out what happens in the human. Body Which is not fair because they deserve to live it peacefully and not bothered. I think that they should use worms,slugs,leeches,snails and other things, but why I think they need to use bugs because bugs bugs are. Not our animals and not every one likes them I know that I have a a very big far of spiders and they don't have a long life like we do and animals so I think they should use bugs and not animals.Overall I think that animals should not be used for research because they have their own lives and should not be hurt and they should enjoy our pets.Also here is a video of what is happening to tigers.

The solo level the I have reached is Multistructural  because I use a lot of capita letter and full stops

I have also reached relational because I can give a good claim and a few reasons about what I am writing about.

My Next step is to reach Extended Abstract to get to that stage I will make sure I and more informantshin  and give it more grip.

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